Attention: People Who Want To Relieve Stress and Choose Foods To Solve Mood and Weight Loss Problems… 

“Do YOU want to STOP Anxious Thoughts and Have a Stress-Free Life?”

Introducing “How to Eat to Relieve Stress”  Did You Know Food  Can Keep You Calm When You Are Under Pressure?

Before you get carried away, though, you should know that doesn’t mean heading out for fried chicken or mac and cheese.

That type of eating will lead to anxiety and guilt. No, there are foods that reduce stress and boost your levels of happiness!

Are You Silently Suffering From Stress

Not Wanting to Burden Others or Admit the Toll It’s Taking On You

You Put On A smile In Public and Turn to The Internet to Seek Help So That You Can Get Relief!

Stress leaves 80% of women feeling unable to cope compared to 67% of men who feel the same.  The Mental Health Foundation surveyed more than 4,600 people and found 18 to 24-year-olds more stressed than their parents.”

It’s true.

Some of us are living a nightmare trying to handle everything.  It might be your family, your job, or some other irritants.

Are you lonely, anxious and depressed…Have you suffered far too long?

It simply starts to wear out your body.

Stress will do damage to your heart, your arteries, and even your gut.

Stressed people suffer from:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • stomach and digestive problems
  • ulcers

Even your immune system is lowered when you are under stress you are more susceptible to various bacterial and viral infections like cold and flu.

Add to that the fact that high stress is often accompanied by insomnia

So, it’s no wonder chronic stress is bad…

Stress makes it harder to heal and recover from an injury or sickness, and it’s clear that stress is dangerous and something you must address.

It’s important to focus on reducing your stress as much as you can.

In addition to the normal stressors you may not realize that one of the problems with your stress is that if you eat the wrong food, bad things can happen.  You won’t get the results.  You’ll get sicker.  You’ll feel discouraged…and give up.

If you don’t eat the right foods, you may sabotage your efforts.  You may encounter uncontrollable cravings that make you eat more bad stuff.  Or you may get the feeling that it is too hard…and just give up.

Do you believe that eating well takes tons of time, it is a chore, and it is expensive?  You doubt you could ever learn to manage your stress.  You feel defeated before you begin.

Well, imagine—with nutritional backed confidence—you could start to eat the right foods without any guessing—a guide with recipes and stress reduction plans to transform your ability to be stress-free.

Well, you are not alone, we did it, and we will show you how to change your life as we did ours.  What’s even more exciting is that you can change your life in minutes a day.

What you’re about to learn are some proven “Stress Eating” techniques that work, almost instantly when done correctly…

Hi, we are Cheryl A Major and Shirley Noah and we have been helping hundreds of people overcome stress and get healthy.

Cheryl A Major, founder of Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant.  I struggled with chronic depression my entire adult life.  Seven years ago, I made significant changes to my diet.  The results were amazing and included a drop in weight, relief from depression and better management of STRESS.


Shirley J Noah, founder of Do you want to overocome your physical, mental and emotional strain?  You will NOT find the answer on your pharmacy shelf.  I can equip ou with the necessary tools to achieve a "Stress-free" life. I love to empower women and their families to feel and live their best life through plant-based, whole-food nutrition, essential oils, healing herbs.


A Sad Story-With A Happy Ending….

Listen, we know what it is to be stressed and not to eat right.  What we are about to show you will change your life just like it did ours.

We have both suffered from stress and didn’t feel we would ever recover from depression and anxiety.

We each have our own stories of how stress was wrecking our lives.

The inner pain we both have felt was so intense.  All we wanted to do was curl up into a ball and forget the world existed.

Eventually, we pulled ourselves back to the living.  There were bills to pay, and other commitments that needed attention.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried everything to improve your stress and nothing has worked

That can all change when you discover the Secrets to Less Stress and Anxiety.  Changing your Thoughts and Address Stress Head On.


A 2 Module Online Course To Turn You Into A Person Who is Able to Identify and Understand When Stress Becomes an Issue and Take Steps to Reduce Stress in Your Body and in Your Life! 

“How to Eat to Relieve Stress” Will Teach You

  • What Are The Stress Hormones?
  • Why Is Stress Bad For You?
  • How to Know When You Are Stressed?
  • Why Is Managing Stress Important?
  • How Does What You Eat Affect Stress?
  • What Are Some Simple Guidelines to Follow?


Everything You Need To Know To Reduce Your Stress Level to Improve Your Overall Health…

In This Two Module Online Workshop, you can go step by step through the benefits of reducing stress. You will learn:

  • Is Some Stress Good?
  • Why Chronic Stress is Making You Older Than Your Years?
  • How Does Sugar Affect Your Stress Levels?
  • Does Reducing or Eliminating Inflammatory Foods From Your Diet Help Manage Stress?
  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Better Mental and Physical Health as a result of reduced stress.
  • It’s Not Just About Food, but that’s a big part of it.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Reducing Stress


Your Health and Well Being are Priceless!

You may have heard it said that “If you have your health, you have everything.” It’s true! No matter what else occurs in your life, having your health makes everything else much easier and much less of a challenge. It’s our goal to help you get from where you are right now to be closer to having optimal health and well being.

With Our Online Course, You Will Easily Be Able to Reduce Your Stress Level, Improve Your Mood, Lose Weight (yes, really!), Reduce Stomach and Intestinal Issues, Get Better, More Restorative Sleep and Much, Much More!

During the Two Modules of “How To Eat To Relieve Stress” we Will Share…

  • What to do today to begin to transform your eating habits and your health
  • Why changing how you eat can push your mental and physical decline ahead to the last days of your life
  • Why you shouldn’t buy into the early aging programming we are bombarded with over the media
  • How to participate in parties and events so it doesn’t mean you load yourself up with more inflammation which exacerbates stress.

This isn’t a course on the theory of reducing stress. The theory has its place, but this course –”How to Eat to Reduce Stress” – is about the practical side of learning what you’re eating now and creating a new plan to convert your body, mood, and weight.   Integrating the best of the foods that support a healthier you and living with reduced levels of stress.

We did it, and we’ll teach you how to do it too!

Our promise to you is that we will only cover and teach you what is a real benefit.  Doing what will serve you long term.  What we’ve put into practice in our own lives that have helped us reduce and manage stress.

Our Motto Is To “Keep It Simple”

Just as we do with our coaching clients, our goal with this live workshop training is to keep it simple for you. By this, we mean you will only be exposed to what you need and what is working for us.  Also what is working for other successful people who have changed how they eat to change their health, both mental and physical. Our promise to you is that we will not waste your precious, valuable time with training that is not absolutely crucial to your success.

We want to teach you HOW to change what you eat and what you’re exposed to in order to reduce the level of stress in your life.

You’ll Develop Your Own Stress Reduction Plan So You Have a Blue Print to Follow

This will be an online training where you will learn, create, and put together your own life-changing breakthroughs in each session.

The Reality… Reducing stress and eating a better diet will help keep you out of the doctor’s office. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on good food than on doctor’s visits and prescription medications?

The Problem…You believe that eating well takes tons of time, is a chore, and is expensive. You doubt you could ever learn to manage your stress. You feel defeated before you begin!

The Solution…”How to Eat to Relieve Stress” will turn you into a smarter less-stressed person and a more creative eater. We’ll help you understand how to approach and handle stress, teach you how to choose foods, create meals and recipes that solve diet, mood and weight loss problems that will truly give you the edge on stress. People are willing to spend thousands of dollars to solve these issues.

From Eating to Transformational Eating

During the “How to Eat to Relieve Stress” course you’ll learn how to take a simple view of eating and expand upon it to create delicious, healthy meals that will satisfy you and your family. Your newfound knowledge will translate into:

  • What to Eat
  • What to Avoid
  • Portion Control
  • How to Read Food Labels so You Know What You’ll Be Eating
  • How to Treat Yourself When You’re Craving Something Special
  • What to Eat When You’re Not Making the Meal

This is how healthy eating works. When you learn the basics and put about a third of what you know into place, the rest of your eating smarts will come together with very little effort. We may be slightly oversimplifying here, but our motto to “Keep It Simple” truly is the path to great success for you as a healthier, happier person. And failing forward more than half of the time is okay. We are living proof that you can regularly fail, keep trying and eventually crack the code to living with reduced stress, healthier eating, losing depression and excess weight, having more energy and just plain feeling great every day!

If You’ve Always Wanted To Take Control Of Your Weight, Your Mood And Your Health In General, This Is Your Chance To Do Just That By Learning How to Reduce Inflammation In Your Body And Your Mind

We have great news…

We want to teach you what we have learned so you too have the chance to experience the life-changing improvement and the relief from stress that we now enjoy!

Here is a glimpse at what you can look forward to in the “How To Eat To Relieve Stress”  Workshop

All Sessions Are Recorded and are available instantly.

Each Session is a Workshop Unto Itself, Where the Goal Will Be for You to Create an Understanding of Stress and a New Way of Eating that Can Change Your Life

You’ll Experience Immediate Gratification During This Process.

The 2 Modules In “How to Eat to Relieve Stress” Include…

Module 1 – Understanding Stress and Its Effects

Module 2 – How to Create a Plan that Makes Sense and Move You Toward a Life with Reduced Stress

BONUS – Recipes, Checklist, and Your Own Personal Journal


“How to Eat to Relieve Stress” Workshop Registration Is Now Open…

You Have To Understand How Powerful You Are, And How Completely You Can Change Your Mental And Physical Health By Understanding Stress And By Changing How You Eat. It’s Hard Unless You Have Those Who Have Done It to Show You the Way.

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With little effort on your part, you can put these simple methods to work in your life and watch how your body responds in such a positive way.

You will feel more calm, revitalized and have enough energy to sprint to the end of the day…and enthusiastically tackle whatever life throws at you.




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